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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Commercial Storm Shelters

Commercial Storm Shelters, commonly known as the safe rooms or tornado shelters are considered to be strong weapons against all the dangerous weather. Having the safety shelter in or around your house is the best possible solution to offer safety for you and family. Now, coming to the benefits of the storm shelters; having Commercial Storm Shelters gives you ultimate convenience. The shelters are easy to handle and operate and most importantly it keeps people secure. However make sure that the place you select for building or installing the Tornado Shelters is suitable and appropriate. As a matter of fact, the underground shelters are more expensive yet less safe than the on-ground storm shelters. In case you have underground shelters, and god-forbidden your home is destroyed by the tornado then you and your family can easily get trapped inside the shelter by the powerful debris. You can have your Commercial Storm Shelters as a standalone structure as well. Given that the exterior of shelter is made of concrete and reinforced material. The benefit of concrete material is that it is easy to repair. And in case of flooding, the material does not float as it is extremely heavy weight whereas the fiberglass shelters are easily cracked.

Community Storm Shelters are offered by many companies all over USA. The best option is to look for a reputable firm which gives warranty and the material they use is of fine quality. The price of the Commercial Storm Shelters depends on the size of the shelter you are planning to purchase and the place you would be installing. However, make sure that the company you are in-contact is a certified, authorized and member of NSSA (National Storm Shelter Association). NSSA is a national legal association which authorizes the companies for building the Storm Shelters according to the set standards given by them. Once you have built a safe shelter which is according to the rules and regulations of NSSA, and meets the standard codes of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), it can always be an asset for you. FEMA 320 code is the standard which is given by FEMA and used for building quality storm shelters. No matter how much money you have spent, Commercial Tornado Shelters are always worth spending money.

Community Shelters offered by NSSA authorized companies can last for hundreds of years. They can withstand up to category 5 hurricane and F5 tornadoes. Tornado is considered to be the worst and deadliest calamity ever. Especially in Central and Southern USA, where tornado and thunderstorm occurring is very common, Tornado Shelters are becoming popular in these areas. These safe units provide you an opportunity to survive even in the case of worst hit by tornadoes. Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and southern states have reported the severe tornadoes in the past few years. So in order to remain secure and safe, the very next step we recommend is building Commercial Storm Shelters in these areas, which are prone to severe tornadoes and thunderstorms.

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  1. FEMA Quote,"Underground is the safest place during a storm."- Federal Emergency Management Agency