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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Granger Plastics In-ground Tornado Shelter

Product Features

* Double Walled PE construction, 1/2" thick each wall, 1,000+ year lifespan
* FEMA 320 exceeding Aluminum Door w/ gas assisted Shock
* Molded in seating, exceeds FEMA standards for 3-5 Adults
* Molded in Stairs, Battery Operated LED lighting System, 4" Ventilation
* Articulating Handrails, 3 point locking system, stainless steel hardware

Product Description

The Granger In-ground Tornado Shelter is the premium tornado shelter for your family protection. Easy installation typically does not require an anchoring system in most installations. The modular unit is constructed from durable polyethylene material, thus making it practically maintenance free and nearly indestructible. Many features including articulating handrails, carpet, battery operated lighting system, molded in seating, triple locking aluminum door and stainless steel hardware. The polymer construction of the unit allows the unit to have a very long 1000+ year lifespan and limited lifetime warranty provides decades of protection from harm, for many generations to come. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter exceeds FEMA 320 Debris Impact testing. Customer service information available at 866-510-9701 or www.ingroundsafetyshelter.com .

Customer Reviews

After the NIGHTMARE of having to have a rotting fiberglass tornado shelter replaced within 7 years or purchase, and many many stories of steel and concrete shelters that rusted and leaked in about the same time frame my husband and I started to look for an alternative. We NEVER want to replace another tornado shelter AGAIN.... trust me, if you think getting the thing in the ground is hard try getting one back out!! We specifically started looking for a plastic shelter knowing that just like in the landfills it does not easily break down. This shelter is the highest quality shelter we have EVER seen and we have looked at a lot of shelters. The plastic is super thick and there are two walls, one on the inside and one on the outside so NOTHING can get through. It was EXTREMELY easy to install, unlike our former fiberglass unit. Actually, my husband used a backhoe and did it himself in about 3.5 hours. We did not need to anchor our unit which means if we want to we can re-install it down the line in a different location if we want to. We LOVE that!! It is roomy and comfortable inside with seating in a circle all the way around. We even have room to keep emergency supplies down there. Best part is we NEVER have to worry about being left in the lurch like the last company we used. We never have to worry about leaking, cracking, rotting or rusting and TRUST ME that is worth every penny. Take it from us.... you get what you pay for! DON'T SKIMP ON A PURCHASE LIKE THIS... only buy the BEST because if you DON'T you WILL BE BUYING ANOTHER ONE!!! THIS shelter is the ONLY shelter you should BUY!

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